Working with BWC Metadata

This webinar focused on academic studies examining how agencies are using BWC metadata. Speakers described their own experiences with how they connect and use that metadata generated from BWCs. Dr. Mike White of Arizona State University (and BWC TTA co-director) facilitated a discussion among a panel of speakers that included Dr. Kayla Freemon (DePaul University), Dr. John McCluskey (Rochester Institute of Technology), Adrian Martin (Rochester, NY PD), Cpt. Brendan Hooke (Fairfax County, VA PD), and Lt. Mike Lentz (BWC Program Manager; Fairfax County, VA PD).

Discussions included defining BWC metadata, emerging promising practices for BWC metadata, how Rochester, NY PD and Fairfax County, VA PD use their metadata, as well as Dr. Freemon's BWC metadata case study with the Phoenix, AZ PD.

Watch the webinar here.