Webinar: The Impact of BWCs in Correctional Facilities

In this webinar, Dr. Bryce Peterson and Dr. Brittany Cunningham presented results from a randomized control study on the implementation of BWCs in Loudoun County Adult Detention Center, VA, focused on the impact of BWCs on response to resistance and injuries as well as the comparisons of the use and benefits of BWCs versus stationary cameras. The webinar also featured panelists from Loudoun County Adult Detention Center, Sandusky County, Washington, DC Department of Corrections, and the National Sheriff’s Association, speaking on barriers to and success with adoption and implementation related to policy, safety, evidentiary value, impact, and oversight of BWCs.

Dr. Mike White, co-director of the BWCTTA program, facilitated the panel of speakers after Drs. Peterson and Cunningham presented their results. Cpt. Wozniak, Maj. Hatfield, Mr. Collins, and Sheriff Laney offered their perspectives on some of the questions from the audience as well as pre-planned questions from Dr. White.

Access the slides here.

Watch the presentation here.