Part I: The Role of Body-Worn Cameras (BWCs) in Recent Public Protests in Larger Agencies: Benefits, Challenges and Solutions

Arizona State University (ASU), a BWC TTA project partner, conducted a survey asking BWC PIP sites about their experiences with the recent protests, the value that BWCs added, challenges and problems each agency experienced, and solutions their agency implemented to overcome those challenges and problems.

In Part I of two webinars on this topic, Dr. Michael White from ASU discussed the results from this survey, with a focus on larger agencies, and the impact BWCs have had. Joining him, we heard from Assistant Chief Jeffery Carroll, Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department on their experiences in their jurisdiction. Concluding the webinar, Dr. Ed. Maguire discussed the principles of effectively policing protests, while reviewing how BWCs can help agencies achieve those principles.

To access the slides from the webinar, click here.