The Evidentiary Value of Body-Worn Camera Footage: Perspectives from the Field

On August 28, 2019, the BWC TTA provider hosted a webinar on the evidentiary value of body-worn camera (BWC) footage. This webinar focused on the perspectives and experiences of Assistant District Attorneys (ADAs) and Public Defenders (PDs) about the role BWC video footage plays in their respective work streams. This webinar also described several benefits and disadvantages of the use of BWCs in a court of law, focusing on the context of time, expectations, and anticipated consequences. This webinar was based on research conducted in three sites: Monroe County, New York; San Diego County, California; and Travis County, Texas. 


Perspectives and experiences about the role BWC video footage plays were provided by:

  • Dr. Craig Uchida, President, Justice & Security Strategies (JSS)
  • Deputy District Attorney Damon Mosler, San Diego County, California, District Attorney’s Office
  • Dr. John McCluskey, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Nick Robertson, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • District Attorney Jennifer Hyatt, Monroe County, New York, District Attorney’s Office