Body Worn Camera Policy and Implementation Program FY19 New Grantee Webinar

The webinar provided a brief overview of the BWCPIP program goals. The main purpose of the webinar iwa to orient your agency personnel to the programmatic, financial, and administrative requirements of the grant, as well as to the training and technical assistance (TTA) elements of the grant. Both grant administration and TTA will be vital to successful completion of your BWCPIP grant. Our goal is to make the grant initiation process as smooth as possible. The orientation webinar provided information to clarify the distinct, yet complementary, roles of that BJA staff will play in the administration of your grant, and the roles that CNA staff will play in delivering TTA.


Webinar participants were introduced to the BJA grant administration team who provided an overview of the programmatic, financial, and administrative requirements of the grant. Topics included accepting your award, grant reporting requirements, performance measurement tracking requirements, clearing special conditions applying to awards, and making program or budget adjustment to your award. This information will be most relevant to your agency’s grant managers, fiscal, or administrative staff.


Webinar participants then heard from the Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) team, CNA, BJA’s TTA lead for the grant program. CNA oriented webinar participant to key elements of TTA. Topics included regularly scheduled TTA phone calls, technical assistance on BWC policy development and policy clearances, customized TTA, training opportunities, partnership development, and logistics of the National BWCPIP grantee meeting. This information will be most relevant to staff who are responsible for BWC policy development, for deploying cameras in the field, and for managing BWC operations in the field.


Key Personnel 


BJA team members presenting in the webinar include:

·   John Markovic -Senior Policy Advisor and Director of the BWCPIP Program

·   Gerardo Velazquez - State Policy Advisor and BWC Program Lead


CNA TTA team members presenting in the webinar include:

·      James “Chip” Coldren, Jr., Ph.D. - Managing Director for Justice Programs and Director of BWC TTA

·      Denise Rodriguez - Senior Research Scientist and Program Manager of BWC TTA