Applying for BJA's Body-Worn Camera Policy and Implementation Program for Law Enforcement Grant: What You Need to Know

This webinar provided guidance for potential applicants to the Bureau of Justice Assistance's FY 2021 Body-Worn Camera Policy and Implementation Program (BWC PIP) to Support Law Enforcement Agencies grant solicitation.

The BWC PIP is a competitive grant program intended to provide funding to law enforcement agencies seeking to purchase or lease body-worn cameras (BWCs) in order to establish or expand comprehensive body-worn camera initiatives. Applicants will be required to submit a specific plan to implement this technology in a manner that maximizes the benefits of BWCs. Funding can be used to support pilot BWC programs, establish new BWC implementations, or expand existing programs.

John Markovic, the Senior Policy Advisor from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, discussed the purpose and goals of this funding opportunity; reviewed eligibility requirements; discussed the application process; and highlighted useful resources to assist in applying.

There were a wide variety of questions posed throughout the webinar that we unfortunately did not have time to address. We've attached answers from John Markovic here.

For slides from this webinar, click here