BWC TTA Updates

BWC Resource: Examining the Empirical Realities of Proactive Policing Through Systematic Observations and Computer-Aided Dispatch Data

Cynthia Lum, Christopher S. Koper, Xiaoyun Wu, William Johnson, and Megan Stoltz

This study, which addresses whether police proactivity as practiced on an everyday basis reflects optimal strategies and implementation methods as recommended by the NAS, was completed by analyzing almost 2 million computer-aided dispatch records from four agencies and systematically observing 84 officers for more than 180 hours to better understand the empirical realities of police proactivity. The findings indicate a major difference between the types of proactive interventions supported by research and the practice of everyday police proactivity.

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BWCs in the Medical Field Webinar

The webinar provided insights and experiences regarding how body-worn camera programs have or have not impacted police agencies as they relate to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). This webinar consisted of a panel of three experts experienced with HIPAA, including a prosecutor, police, and a medical professional.

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BWCs in the News

National police body camera experts to visit Nashville

A group of national experts on police body cameras plan to visit Nashville next week, Mayor Cooper announced Thursday. The mayor's office tells FOX 17 News the visit is intended to help Metro criminal justice departments finalize plans for deploying and testing body cameras. The visit slated for Jan. 21-22 is sponsored by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, which is part of the U.S. Department of Justice. “We appreciate the willingness of the Bureau of Justice Assistance to help Nashville address our remaining policy challenges and roll out cameras in a way that reflects best practices from cities across the nation,” said Mayor John Cooper. “This distinguished group of criminal justice professionals will bring national expertise to Nashville, help us engage the community, and ensure that we both deploy and test our body-worn cameras the right way.”

In View: How to Manage the Implementation of your Body-Worn Camera (BWC) Deployment and Improve Outcomes

You have written your policy, you have selected your camera vendor, and you have trained your officers and deployed your cameras. Now what? Will your agency’s deployment be successful? Do you know if it was worth all the time, effort, and resources? Are you able to point out successes to your community and local officials? Are you able to identify challenges and develop solutions? Can you assess implementation progress and improve outcomes to make the deployment more valuable to your agency, your officers, and your community?

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