BWC Policy and Implementation Program Sites

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Justice Programs (OJP), Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) launched the Body-Worn Camera Policy and Implementation Program (PIP) in FY 2015 to assist law enforcement agencies with the enhancement or implementation of Body-Worn Camera (BWC) initiatives.

PIP responds directly to the White House’s initiative to build stronger, safer communities, and grew out of two precursor developments – a BWC Expert Panel convened at the White House in February 2015 to discuss challenges to BWC implementation including community engagement, equipment purchase and maintenance, data storage, privacy concerns, and coordination across the justice system. The BJA BWC Toolkit released in May 2015, a comprehensive clearinghouse for criminal justice practitioners interested in planning and implementing a body-worn camera program in an effort to strengthen community trust and confidence in the justice system and improve officer and community safety. In 2015, PIP provided over $19 million in funding to 73 police agencies across the country to support BWC initiatives. In 2016, PIP provided over $20 million in funding to 106 public safety agencies. In 2017, PIP provided over $14 million in funding to 84 police agencies. In 2018, PIP provided over $12 million in funding to 75 police agencies. In 2019, PIP provided over $20.5 million in funding to 82 police agencies. In 2020, PIP provided over $9.7 million to 50 agencies. The primary goals of PIP are to improve public safety, reduce crime, and improve public trust between police and the citizens they serve.

 The graphic below shows the distribution of PIP awards across the nation. Click on the arrows at the top left of the map to expand the description and access the map legend. You can also use the link below the map to access larger, fully interactive version of the map.